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Low Voltage (NON-ACOUSTIC) pressurized water pipe leak detection solution that accurately finds and measures leaks in Gallons per Minute (GPM), in accordance with AWWA M77.

Finding leaks in pressurized water mains is challenging. Acoustic tools often miss leaks and lack the accuracy to make repairs to reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

With Electro Scan's TRIDENT, focused electrode leak location (FELL) finds leaks with 3/8" accuracy and measures leaks in GPM, as CCTV supports navigation, identifies visual obstructions, and illegal tap connections.

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based analytics platform, CriticalH2O, processes TRIDENT data in real time, with results available in minutes, not hours or weeks.

Add the new TRIDENT probe to your upcoming budget to help you prioritize rehabilitation and verify watertightness on any project! 

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shutterstock_552265333_TRIDENTWhy Electro Scan's TRIDENT?

  • Machine-intelligent technology.
  • Measures the size of each leak opening, not dependent on acoustic "listening" for a leak.
  • 3/8 inch (1cm) locational accuracy.
  • Each leak expressed in either Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.
  • No third-party data interpretation required.
  • No service interruption during field survey.
  • No False-Positive Readings from customer use.
  • ZERO to 160 psi (11 bar).
  • ZERO or low flow.
  • Surveys performed in accordance with AWWA M77.

water_bar_imageWhy NOT Acoustic?

  • Ambient background noise interferes with readings.
  • Lower pressures contribute to missed leaks.
  • Requires data interpretation.
  • Cannot accurately assess HDPE, PE, and PVC pipes.
  • Customer water usage ‘sounds’ the same as a leak.
  • May report ZERO LEAKS, where WATER LEAKS exist.
  • Lack of repeatability.
  • No GPM or LPS values reported.
  • Numerous FALSE-POSITIVES make results unreliable.
  • Defects at repair clamps often missed.
  • Can’t certify CIPP liners as watertight.
  • Loose, worn components result in poor readings.
  • Different backfill materials affect results.
  • Special training for crews required.
  • Lengthy reporting times.
  • Unable to differentiate leaks at Customer Tap, Joint, or Pipe Wall.
  • Untethered balls banging on pipe walls affect results.
  • Misses silent / undetected leaks.
  • Air pockets cause false readings.
  • Different results for different pipe diameters.
  • High water tables affect results.
  • Poor assessments = bad repair decisions.
  • Can’t certify new pipe as watertight.
  • Total cost of NOT finding leaks is rarely a factor.
  • Water surrounding a pipe creates a natural insulation to ‘hear’ leaks.
  • Overtime costs due to late night surveys.

US & Intl Patents and Patents Pending

Product Specifications

Electro Scan Sensor CCTV & Low Voltage Conductivity
Pipe Diameters 4-10 inches (100-255mm)
Pressure 0 to 160 psi (11 bar)
Temperatures 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
Flow Rate Push Cable able to handle Low Flow or No-Flow conditions
Pricing Per Day or Per Footage Based on Project Size & Access
Launch Points Hydrants, Air Release, Blow Off, Gate Valves, Hot Taps, Meters
Pipe Lengths Per Survey Up to 400ft (120m) in either direction from point of access
Construction High impact ABS and powder-coated, zinc-plated mild steel
Dimensions (Length x Width) 5 inches x 1.6 inches
Reel Dimensions 33.5" x 29.5" x 16.5" (850 x 750 x 420mm), 55lbs, 25kg
CCTV Features

Display: 10.1", 1280x800 HD color TFT
Storage: Internal 128Gb, USB flash storage supported
Power Options: Mains input (100-240 VAC), DC Output (16 VDC) or Built-in Battery (4S2P)
Focal Range: 10mm to ∞
Active Pixels: 768 x 492 (NTSC) / 765 x 582 (PAL)
LED Luminance: ≥ 208 Lumens
Resolution: ≥ 460 TVL

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